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Your wealth can grow more & more if enough time and effort is put in to study markets, evaluate the various investment options and take correct decisions at the correct time. But for busy professional like you, time is a luxury. Thats why, you need the services of specialized wealth managers like PRA Capital. At PRA Capital, Our most important objective is to offer Wealth Management solutions by helping you to accumulate, preserve, and enhance your wealth. Our endeavour is to preserve your capital first. Only then do we make recommendations to enhance your wealth, focusing upon areas requiring attention on a priority basis.


Our Objective

Our key focus is on to grow your wealth at a decent annual return of 12-15% with minimum possible tax liability & at negligible risk against the bench mark returns of bank deposit which is 8-9% pre-tax (or 6-7% post tax)


Our Strategy

We invest your money in the following asset classes, mainly through Mutual Funds route

  • Equity
  • Short term Debt & Long term debt
  • Gold
  • Real Estate (It may or may not be part of your core portfolio)


We take debt as a base asset class from where we may switch into Equity or Gold whenever an opportunity arises and after earning the desired return we can switch out from equity or gold and come back in to debt funds.
All decisions depend on the economic environment and mutual consent.


Minimum Required Capital

Rs 50 Lakh



Avg 2% annual Fund Management charge (Adjusted to NAV on daily basis)


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